Home Show 2014

Salutations!  Home Show 2014 opened up on April 1st!!  Sponsored by awesome stores like Cheeky Pea, 11th Hour, and Mudhoney it has a lot of really great places represented.  I feel like a lil guy being amongst them.  Honest… and it’s a lot of fun to do things that are a little bit different than my normal.

None too Shabby - Perfect lil garden getaway!I’ve got three items that are available only there through the month of April.  Something a little different because it’s spring time (supposedly) and I wanted to do some items that were lighter.  Of course you have to take into account my normal style but I like how all of them turned out.  The first is the None Too Shabby Garden Getaway.  It’s a little garden shed but inside tucked away is a bed with splashes of color, roses, and romance.  Made for couples it also has a singles menu where you can read, draw, relax… just hang out for both men and women.  So anyone can enjoy the piece.

Then you get into all of the various couples menus.  There’s eating, drinking, relaxing, toasting, lounging… cuddling up, kissing, sitting together.  Honest… tons and tons with 55 different animation sets included all embedded so there’s no pose balls or ugly scripting things.

I do like that you know… being able to offer product that doesn’t kill your sim and also is functional.  Anyhow….

It comes with a couple accessories… a lil stick tree and some hanging pictures that are placed in the back.  I kept them unlinked so you could place them where ever your heart desires whether it is with the shed or in your home or anywhere.  This also lets you not include it if you don’t want lil pictures in the back.  They’re modifiable, so technically you could change the pictures in the frames too!  Maybe you don’t like what I picked… hard to believe I know but it does happen.  Or maybe you have a lot of little snapshots of friends, family, other folks that you want instead.  Have fun with it.

16 embedded couples sets

The second item is more along my normal color scheme… dark reds and things.  A deep red crimson rose arch over a garden arbor with a bench.  The bench has 16 different couples sets.  So this one is also for you lovers out there.  It’s got rose petals you can use at the base or not at all.

And if you’re actually reading this or paying attention…….. I have placed an arbor without the bench, just a decorative piece at the main store as a group gift.  Only members of the Roawenwood in world store group can pick it up.  The vendor says it’s 1L, but it will refund that linden as soon as you pay so it is truly a freebie.

The third set of items that is set up at the Home Show is something you don’t usually see from me…. but should probably once in awhile indulge in doing (I love accessories and little things).  A set of bird houses!  The sweetest things….. each of them have flocks of birds flying along the sides, grass Blue Skies Birdhouse Set - Black Rooftopspainted at the base of each house and gently swaying taller grasses dotting the walls.  Done in light tones, the bluest of skies with two versions.  One with black rooftop and the other a tan type.

They’re adorable and I like them quite a bit.  Can see them tucked into a garden, watching the birds while sitting back lazily in a garden chair the bees buzzing nearby on the flowers.  *breathes in deep* mhmmm… can almost feel the sun too, can’t you?

Each bird house set comes with it just on the post, and one with a tub of flowers at the base.  I thought it was a nice lil addition if you like it.

So that’s it for the Home Show… now open and playing here if you take a taxi.

Items are on display at the main store in the new arrivals section, near the group gift… hint hint.




Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!

The town crier bedecked in rich raiment rings the bell back and forth as the proclamation is set to be heard.  Thrice the sound shatters the early morning he then raising a scroll to read from to those gathered within the town square.  Staring back at him the peasantry wide eyed await the words that would come tumbling from his lips in the hopes of some good news this rather chilly day.

Clearing his throat he begins in a rumbling voice deepened over time with his position projecting it outwards so that all may hear him.

“Let it be known…” he intones his demeanor though to all outward appearances rather staid and stoic kept carefully in check is fairly bursting with the announcements that he is to make.

“The Fair!  The fair is coming!  Fantasy fair 2014 is set to commence in May upon the 1st of the month!  From May 1st to the 11th there will be festivities, treasure hunts, and the finest merchants that one can behold for all of the fine folk of the Wood and the surrounding countryside!”

The faces of the crowd break into delightful grins and guffaws can be heard as the news begins to spread each one of them holding onto memories from previous fairs.  The murmurs grow as they wonder what magic might be coming not too far upon the distant horizon.

“Save your coppers and your coin, the fair comes and with it….. much is to be done.”


Now… what does this mean?  Well…. THE FAIR!!!


11 sims!  Awesome creators.  SALES!  Newness!  Auctions! Hunts!  Prizes! Games!

All for RFL.

May 1st through the 11th.

What else does this mean?  It means that yours truly will probably be on the quieter side for the next month or so.  I am once again creating a world for you and have lots to do.  I will try to do things as I can but creating for and working the fair will eat up most of my free time.

An awesome event, hugeness…. for a very great cause that I hold close to my heart.

I hope to see you there!

Genre – Merfolk

Another round and another lil something.  This month the theme is mer-folk and I do actually like building for this partly because it isn’t something I do very often but I find it Under the Sea Merfolk Perchrelaxing.  The water, swimming, in general I associate it with peaceful type of feelings so when I go ahead and get into building for it or making something for it I tend to enjoy it.

I don’t really feel like I did anything all that grand.  I like it though, it is a little environmental piece.  Coral, sand, few shells and all with some kelp…. a sunken lost chest nestled in there.  In the chest there is 6 animations.  Hair brushing so a girl can primp herself out…. a few sits and a laying back sort of thing relaxing along the ocean floor.  I added an unscripted version for decorative purposes… and the scripted version.  It’s mesh so the unscripted is 14 prims but only weighs in at 7 LI, since it is mesh when I added the scripts it went up to 9 LI. *makes a sour face*

I know one thing when I’m looking for this sort of item, it feels like there isn’t that much really out there.  I mean it is pretty standard stuff.  Shells and all.  It’s not easy finding something different.  Ruins, lots of plant like things, but it feels like an area where some imagination or newness would be a lot of fun to play with yanno?  I don’t know what kind of group there is for it…. if it is even something ‘wanted’ I suppose you could say but I could see a lot of fun with it.  Was talking to a friend of mine, she wasn’t happy with the theme…. said it was too ‘mainstream’ and sort of boring, which sort of made me chuckle.  I suppose being a fish isn’t for everyone but I must just be one of those weird people who sees a lot of fun in some of it.  Seems like there is such bright color, and variations that the world itself just begs to be explored.

So who knows… perhaps I’ll find my way back under the sea sometime and do some more of this sort of thing…. One other big problem I have with it?  I can’t ever find animations for it that seem to be any good.  I’d love to have some full permission or at least copy/transfer sets to make a really good set.  Anyone have any resources?  *laughs*  It’s probably one reason I don’t have as much of this sort of stuff as I could.  Or would people be just as happy with some pretties that don’t have much of that in it?

Until next time…

RP Cages with and without RLV along with a bit of Twisted Hunt fun

March is here and that means that there’s a new round of the We Luv RP event.  This go round I decided to captivate you with a new set of cages.  Recently I was asked about a long retired set I had done that had RLV capture in them.  They were hoping I still carried them, I honestly think they were retired a year or two ago.  So no, I don’t have them but it got me to thinking and getting around to doing this set that I have been putting off.  It was a good excuse.Mesh Sleep Cage & Kennel

Two different cage sets.  Each one stuffed full of animations for just about any emote you can think of, well I kept them clean.  I don’t really have much naughty stuff in it.  Sorry!  But I am considering making an adult version as well.  The first cage set is a sleeping cage/kennel type thing.  It has a mattress with pillow, rumpled up grungy blanket and a water bowl in the corner.  I kept these rather dark.  I wanted a real gritty feel to them.  This is NOT the type of cage a spoiled slave gets.  Each set has one that is scripted with only the animations and then another that has RLV capture and limits the ‘victims’ ability to TP, accept TP’s, sit elsewhere, that sort of thing so they are in essence ‘locked’ into place until freed.

Mesh Kennel & Holding CageAs an aside and random ramble?  I hate taking pictures of cages for posters, I can never get them the way I like.  They just don’t ever….. work.  Ok, so back onto the other ramblings.

The second cage set doesn’t have the lil bed, and doesn’t have a water bowl.  They’re titled a little differently.  Kennel yes but a holding cage.  Someplace a little less comfortable… nice of me huh?  Rumbled blanket still in it.  I just liked the blanket, decided both of them needed it.  However one small difference is that the holding cage has a bit of straw strewn along the flooring.  A little touch to make it a bit more…. homey?  I don’t know if I’d say homey but it surely doesn’t seem that comfortable to me.  I think after awhile those floor boards would make me sore. *nods slightly to this*

Each cage has 4 menus of embedded animations.  That means… no poseballs.  Right click and sit for the most part…. or onto the blanket since that is where they are located.  The holding cage set has 53 different animations!

The sleep cage has a slightly smaller count of 45 animations.  Some of the lying anims on the belly and such just looked funny to me in it.

You have everything from scratching your backside while kneeling to begging, pleading, crying, sitting, lying, sleeping.  You can be disrespectful looking or shy and demure or just kick back relaxing even.  I really did add a lot.

100% Mesh, modifiable and copy.

Available through the month at the We <3 RP event at a 40% discount!

>>>> So take your taxi to get there. <<<<

The other bit is Twisted Hunt.  Kicked off on the first to lots of people coming and wandering trying to find that damnable cube.  Advertised as the hardest hunt in SL it tends to frustrate hunters but it is usually worth the wait.Twisted Runecasters Rug

My offering for this round which is themed, Magick, is a Runecasters set.  A rug that can actually caste runes…. click and the lil buggers rezz for about 5 minutes.  You can do a reading or play around with it.


The set also includes a cushion so you can have seats around it if you like.

If you want it, it is available at the store but you gotta hunt for it.

I have a gacha at the landing as well… if you’re interested with alter things.  And I have planned a mini-hunt to open around the 15th.  Hopefully 5 gifts and up to 10 are in the works for you to find around the Roawenwood.  Something to look forward too!  Yay!

Hope you’re having a great week…. Talk to you soon!




Arabian Nights Fantasy Collective

The latest round of the Fantasy Collective has kicked off and yours truly has added her own little bits.  This round I went with an accessory.  A golden hued chain belt that delicately sweeps around the hips resting gently against the curves.  The front of it has tiny bells along the chains as if every little movement of the body will have its own chorus of sound.  Little flashes of color then shimmer while you move with the gemstones dangling from the ends of some of the chains.

Perizad Chain Belt - Amethyst

Perizad Chain Belt for the Fantasy Collective; available in 6 different jewels for a limited time.

It really is a very pretty piece, all mesh and modifiable.  It isn’t rigged.  So you can fit it to your shape and your body in general.  Two versions are included in each pack, one has resize scripts in it.  It’s only one script which can be deleted once you have it fit so you don’t contribute to lag or anything.  Some like them, some don’t.  Personally I’d rather edit the piece myself, shouldn’t be a surprise I suppose.  For one I’m a perfectionist and the other part well… I’m a builder.  Of course I’d rather fiddle with it.

It’s available in 6 different jewel colors.  Carnelian, Amethyst, Onyx, Azure, Smoky, and Emerald.

Yesterday I was spending some time with someone who was wearing it and I have to say that seeing it I have become quite tempted to make a complete set out of the thing.  We’ll have to see how it goes, I get too busy but I do think that too often I don’t indulge in those little things that I like to do.

This round was a bit of a challenge for me, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do really and couldn’t settle on anything until this piece came into focus.  I really like it and hope you do too.

Available ONLY at the Fantasy Collective event and once it is over I can’t even think of reselling it for at least 3 months.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Most of the time when I put something like this together for an event, those particular ones might never end up in the store or another set so it just might be your only chance to get them.

Take a Taxi to The Fantasy Collective