25L Tues & The Challenge

So 25L Tuesday is upon us and while I don’t usually announce this on the blog because frankly the day usually slips by before I realize it, I figured I’d highlight it this week along with the Challenge.  The round for the Challenge just opened up and it is my first time participating in it too.

First off lets do 25L.

Snow Bob MailboxI have two things up, one naughty and one nice.  The nice portion of our program today is brought to you by a friendly lil guy named Bob.  Bob is a snowman who has decided to perch atop a mailbox to bring holiday cheer and a warm smile to your lips as you traverse your way through the coming cold months.

Bob has a very sweet expression and a snowflake knitted scarf wrapped around his pudgy little neck.  Add a wreath to his hat, and a bow to the post and you have a very cute holiday decorative element.  The mailbox is unscripted, I looked a little for a mailbox script to add but really didn’t see a whole lot though it is modifiable so if you want to use it in that vein you can…. just add your own.

Hopefully you enjoy Bob, he doesn’t come around that often due to the fact that well…. he’ll melt.

Now we’re getting to the naughty.  I’m such a tease and had to make you wait, can’t help myself.  Today only I have placed out something to torment those you hold nearest and dearest…Tortured Slave Display Post though technically that doesn’t have to be the case, can just be someone you want to torture for awhile.  It’s all good.  Original mesh piece for dungeon or… well… I dunno, wherever your twisted heart desires.  The Tortured Slave Display Post has a wooden platform with a very uncomfortable looking bar to place your victim.  While upon this bar there are choices to be made.  18 of them to be exact.  Eighteen animations are included, 9 “humbled” where the willing or unwilling participant depending on your mood has their head bowed forward submissively, and then 9 “proud” versions where the head is raised and they are looking forward.  The arms have various positions behind and in front of the body while the legs remain firmly in place by customized particle chains leading to rings embedded into the floor.

Basic manacles can be obtained from the menu and the piece is OC/Lockguard compatible as well.

Two versions are included in the package.  One that is RLV scripted, and the other is not.  Different restrictions along with capture are in the RLV version, tp’s, IM’s, NC’s, that sort of thing… and you can add your own to the modifiable notecard inside.  Facial expressions have also been added which can be toggled on/off through the menu by the owner so your victims can look suitably distressed upon their precarious perch.

A nice little piece and available today for 25L, then it will go into normal store inventory.

The other thing that started up is the Challenge.  This is a new one for me and my first round participating.  The theme was Fairytale.  So many directions a person could go into and I did a wee bit of twisting.  The Princess and the Pea.

Princess & the Pea AdultFairytale goes something like this.  A prince is set out to find a wife but can’t seem to find anyone, women throwing themselves at him whether they are a Princess or not.  The mother of the prince gets the idea to place a pea between the mattresses of a bed when a woman who proclaimed to be a princess came to stay the night.  K, seriously… I’m just giving a sum up and and not exactly the story thing.  Anyhow… In between this huge stack of mattresses there is this tiny pea and the theory as far as the mom is concerned is that if she is a real princess and not just trying to pretend to be one she will feel the pea through the mattresses.  Upon waking in the morning the princess complained about a lump or some such thing in her bed and that she must surely have a bruise from it.  The kingdom rejoiced and I guess they got married or lived happily ever after type deal.  So!  I made the Princess & the Pea bed.

My twist?  Well for one the bedspread is a Little Red Riding Hood themed thing though there is a regular looking one too if you don’t like that one.

I thought it was kind of funny…. lil girl in the woods with a wolf licking his lips hiding behind a tree on top of a very high pile of mattresses.

The bed itself comes in two versions.  PG and Adult.

I asked multiple people if it would be in poor taste to pervert the bed and you know not ONE of them said that it was better to leave it PG.  Every.  Single.  One. said….. “pervert it.”

So! Pervert it I did.

The PG version has 30 singles animations for sitting, lying around, drawing, sleeping, reading… all of that stuff then it has sets for couples.  27 animation sets for cuddling, kissin, and even just talking if you aren’t in the mood for anything too awful close.  It’s really a well rounded bit if you are looking for something sweet.

Now the adult version has all of that and more.  *said in her best made for TV infomercial voice*

Along with the singles anims I mentioned, there’s also some masturbation types… then you get the cuddles, but I didn’t stop there of course.  Add in a hefty amount of foreplay, sex, and naughtiness to have a truly warped little bed.

It’s all in good fun.

The bed has a texture change quilt, two options with a low lag HUD and the scripts for that can be removed through the HUD if you want.

All embedded no poseballs, and I added two NO COPY snugglers for one of the sleeping animations because I’m nice like that.

The set includes the rug shown… a furry one, black wolf pelt… you know… Little red riding hood quilt… black wolf pelt rug?

Ya… anyhow…

They are available in world, at the landing where you can test it out or purchase through the vendors.  Each set of product is near the sign for the sale…. i.e. 25L by 25L, the Challenge by…. well you know.

Have a great Tuesday!!!  Talk to you soon.




O Christmas Tree — CoLab Kit Discount!

Homespun Holiday Trees SetSalutations this fine weekend!  CoLab, that fairly awesome small little event that I have been doing for years had a theme for Christmas and I decided to put something together for it.  Christmas Trees!  I haven’t got my seasonal around which I am going to be working on fairly hard this week however I just couldn’t resist.  I have these very nice wooden trees that I was working with that just seemed perfect for the occasion.

There’s two in the pack.  One is 3D, and the other is 2D though both with the same rustic coloring, deep colors.  I lean that way anyhow.  Tossed in for good measure is a little drape that you can put at the base of the tree in a nice green color.

Candles adorn the sparse wooden frame that flicker nicely, hearts and stars too.

Each one is sized to be between 5 and 10 LI however if you shrink it, it will of course drop down some… as well as the fact if you blow it up larger so does the land impact.

So for this round of CoLab you can pick this little pack up for only 60L.

After that it will go into normal pricing for the store.

At the main store in a specially marked vendor near the landing.

Have a great weekend!

Galiana Bath Set for Gorean Gacha

Like gacha?  The first round of the Gorean Gacha opened up with some really neat stuff if you like that sort of thing.  Galiana Bath Gacha

I put together a bath set…. It won’t be available like this in particular except through the gacha.  As an aside that’s one reason why gacha’s are tough for me to do…. I tend to prefer to be able to offer it up so you can get it when you want without the game part.  BUT!!! I do once in awhile give in.  Wouldn’t mind a lil feedback if you’re of a mind to, does it annoy you to not be able to get it when you want?  Anyhow… the set comprises of two tubs as the rares.  Each of them are scripted with multiple options for either singles bathing or a couple.  Bathing, massage, kissing, cuddling, even some sex is thrown in there for the naughtier of you.  It’s a very nice tub done in the rather popular slipper type styling.   Copper or pewter versions.  The set has bottles, rugs, buckets and lil pieces to decorate.

I do like how it all turned out quite a bit.  It is very nice.

Available through the month until Dec. 15th for the Gorean Gacha event.





A Tattered Page; Frankenstein

In my life I have a few things that I have something of a love affair with.  A deep seated love that borders on madness at times that can influence me one way or another.  One of these is books and the written word.  I was one of those people that almost read through their entire high school library, so yes I was one of ‘those’ people.  Curled up in a corner with a stack of books finding comfort within the pages whisked away to different places, different ideas, or just to learn something new.  I love the feel of a book in my hands, running over the pages, sitting in a room surrounded by shelves of them with a fireplace along one wall.  One of the libraries where I grew up was in an old Victorian home and there was the reading room that was just perfect.  I spent hours there…. but I ramble.

When I saw the postings and notices for the latest event that Cursed Events was planning on doing I got really excited.  A Tattered Page [*citation needed] was going to have a group of creators read a book, pick a spot within the book for reference and then make something based upon that quote.  I have to add here that I really like working with the people who run Cursed Events, I find myself assessing my criteria for participation in events in SL and can categorically say theirs is one I really hope to continue.  Anyhow… I ramble again.

Back to the event.  A Tattered Page…. so we as creators were being challenged, even the bloggers who were going to be ok’d to post for the event were being challenged to write.  Make a post that had more depth, a story, something that got across a little bit more, and the first book?  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

As soon as applications were opened up and I was able to, I was there.  Filling in the blanks with something of a hope to participate, frustrated with recent experiences in SL to have something a little bit different like this come across my desk was like a breath of fresh air.  I could indulge in two of my greatest loves.  Reading, and creating.  As I read through the novel I got wrapped up in the story and also looking into what I read, what it made me think.  Quite a few places within the book I would pause thinking…. “what could I do” and had a lot of different ideas but the one that won out.  The spot that I chose was within Chapter XI.

Broken Melancholia Dinghy Set - A Tattered Page Exclusive - Quote

Often, after the rest of the family had retired for the night, I took the boat, and passed many hours upon the water.  Sometimes, with my sails set, I was carried by the wind; and sometimes, after rowing into the middle of the lake, I left the boat to pursue its own course, and gave way to my own miserable reflections.  I was often tempted, when all was at peace around me, and I the only unquiet thing that wandered restless in a scene so beautiful and heavenly — if I except some bat, or the frogs, whose harsh and interrupted croaking was heard only when I approached the shore — often, I say, I was tempted to plunge into the silent lake, that the waters might close over me and my calamities for ever.

Frankenstein — Mary Shelley

Why this spot?  A few reasons.  If I’m going to admit to love affairs I suppose I’ll admit to a few more.  The night, darkness and shadow have always held something of a fascination for me.  I used to walk at night purposefully sometimes with music playing in headphones nestled against my ears and sometimes with no sound the only thing accompanying me was my footsteps or the wind blowing through the trees.  Often I found quiet solace in nights when the rain would gently fall around me making the road glisten or the smell of the earth when it grew damp.  I have always been something of a lurker, a woman in the shadows watching the world around her.  Not because I had to, I could be and can be the life of the party laughing and playful however I am very comfortable alone and with myself, my thoughts, sharing them with a very select few.  So this was one reason.  Another was memories of rowing a small craft out into the middle of the lake that as a teenager my family would stay at during the summer and I could completely identify with Frankenstein, the sound of the oars creaking.  The pull of the water, letting yourself float along the currents while looking up at the sky taking in the day or night to dream, reflect, or give pause to what most of the time is a very hectic life for everyone.  The quote itself has something of a dark bend while he struggles with what he has created and I think most people can identify with that to an extent, maybe not completely but when you feel for a few moments that things are overwhelming but make your way back to shore.  Besides I never deny that I have a dark bend or twist.

So what did I create?

Broken Melancholia Dinghy Set - A Tattered Page ExclusiveA small dinghy set.  A boat… so I can pass along and share that feeling.  Quiet reflection and the soothing solace of the water.  I think a lot of people gravitate to water to soothe them whether it’s on, in, watching or listening to it.

The piece itself is a small set all in mesh except for the bonus little piece I threw into the vendor at the last minute which is that dark tree in the picture.  I just thought it looked good in the scene so included it.  Cattails are included so you can decorate your shore, paddles come linked and unlinked to the craft.  The boat itself has two versions in the pack, scripted so you can sit or unscripted for decoration.  It is not a driveable vehicle though.  I didn’t go that far…. it’s for setting.

The boat has spots for two people, embedded animations.  18 animations total for both male and female.  I know that it is meant for solitary type reflection but also know that not offering the ability to be able to sit and spend time with someone else would be sort of mean to.  It doesn’t have cuddles or intimate stuff.  That wasn’t the intent of the piece so I didn’t go there.

There is a shopping guide with the other creators work highlighted so you can click on the SLURLs or marketplace listing if they have them to get each piece.  If there is more than one piece it’s highlighted as well.  At least one is exclusive to this event… That said this little boat set as it is now will be my exclusive.  It will not be offered after the event which is going on through this month ending on Nov. 30th.  Priced 375L

Interested?  Stop by my main store to pick it up.  Set up near the landing with a special vendor easily found… stack of books with an easel.

Take care and talk to you soon.

Nephthys Jewels

The monthly shopping event We <3 RP just opened up for the month on the fourth.Nephthys Jewels - Golden

My offering up this month is a necklace.  A different for me I suppose but I like it so we went with it.  The set is called Nephthys Jewels…. it felt rather Egyptian in nature so we also went with that… heavy with very rich metal and eye popping jewels.

The set is unrigged so may be fit to you as you desire, coming in both silver and gold metals each version has jewel change options…. 8 different jewels to choose from.

I don’t have a whole lot to say at the moment about it except if you want it, it is only available at the We <3 RP event at the moment and it is discounted 30%

So that means you’re paying 137L for the necklace at the moment.  Not bad AT all if you ask me.

Nephthys Jewels - SilveredHead on down and pick it up.

See….. Taxi >>>> Taxi >>>> Taxi

You can’t miss it.