There was Dark and there was Light

Talk about a wild swing from one extreme to the other.  The Unseelie on one hand and then a Festival of the Sun.  Fallen Gods is having a huge anniversary celebration.  Alia has planned ALL sorts of events, give-aways, contests, music, tournaments, a hunt.  Just a ton of things going on through the 26th.  You can find a post highlighting it all on the Fallen Gods Blog if you’re curious.  As part of the fun of it all he asked if I’d contribute in a little market he set up on the rooftop of his store.  So I have a little easel with a couple things I put together for his celebration.

They’re inexpensive decorative items both priced at 175L so not much and you get to go spend time at his place.  There’s also quite a few other vendors up there alongside me that are just awesome.  His blog has them all listed too.

Forgotten Garden Sundial Set Sunkissed Golden Fruit & Wine Tray

On top of that he’s having a hunt.  You get a HUD, go around to all of the stores, and find the suns.  Do that and then you get to go to a special prize room where there’s a lot of stuff.  So if you want to go to something that will not happen again…. this is really a one of a kind event, then you should head over.  If nothing else Alia always has awesomeness lurking about somewhere.  I love going by his place… it’s a great place to wander, soothing…. anyhow.

>>> Taxi to the Sun Marketplace <<<

Then you have the dark.Perfidious Perch Chair Set

There’s an event that I’ve been a part of though not able to participate that well always, the Seelie Court.  This month though the theme is the Unseelie.

I actually like how this turned out.  A chair set, which I’m thinking of expanding upon a bit but that’s just a “thinking” thing at the moment.  Anyhow….

Two chairs, one for the right and one for the left.  The decorative panels are faced differently and some of the animations are a little different.  There’s 13 animations embedded into the chairs.  No poseballs this means, seven for a female and 6 for a male.  I try to keep it balanced.  Along with the two chairs you can also get the candles that are on either side of it in the picture.  They aren’t scripted, purely for decoration… I like that kind of thing and it looked cool.

They’re not in the store, you can only get them at the event.

The Unseelie court is held between October 20th through November 10th.  Lots of great creators: Senzafine, paper moon, Keystone, Arcadia, Chimeric Fashions…. just to name a few.

>>> Take a Taxi to the Unseelie Court <<<

That’s it for now.



New Bondage Rack Discounted for ROMP

ROMP has become something I thoroughly enjoy working on.  An event that caters to a higher standard in adult accessories or furniture.  Grande Bondage Wall RackSomething I can totally get behind because since the get go I have always loved creating something a bit on the higher end for that sort of thing.  Sure I love myself some dark grungy nasty looking stuff on occasion.  Seriously I do and I’ll make that too for fun but there’s a serious lack of elegant or high end things.  That’s something I’ve always liked doing.  Always.  So the concept, idea and the execution so far of ROMP has pleased me greatly.  So nods and a congratulations to the organizers/creators of this event so far…

This is my first round in the monthly incarnation of ROMP and for it I made a piece that compliments the piece that I had made for the ROMP fair.  If you remember that was a bondage bench.  This is a wall rack.  Done with the same coloring and same style so the two pieces work together.  I have plans to expand on this line with other pieces so a person could outfit their dungeon, room or play space with it…. or like some just have a few favorite pieces.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next in the line.  I’m not in a huge rush to complete it, it is something that I am enjoying drawing out.  Anticipation can be so much fun don’t you think?

The piece has options for singles bondage, a few singles animations for the dominant to stand watch or sit and then it has options for both MaleDom and FemDom.  I believe that having a robust piece is important.  One has to pick and choose what to use within their space and I do like to help create a good atmosphere.  Overall it has 25 couples sets, so a fair number for this sort of thing.  There’s spanking, paddling, fondling, kissing and all.  There’s of course some sex and foreplay.  Can’t but help enjoy the piece really.  One of my favorite ones though, I’ll let you in on a bit of me… is a singles bondage animation that I entitled in the menu called Display or something along those lines.  It’s simplistic.  Hands bound to the middle top ring, and feet to the bottom.  I don’t know why but the stretched out, all vulnerable look of it on the rack is one of my favorite poses in it and then the mind wanders to what one could do to the person who is so wholly exposed.

Back to the item at hand… the rack also has options for use with or without RLV.  As looks and decorative options goes you can use it with or without the curtains.  In the pack I included the curtains upon a rod so you can use them wherever you’d want as well.  The rack has 4 color options for the paneling just like the bondage bench does though this time I used a texture change HUD that has a delete option for the scripts to help lessen the load on the sim. Customized particle chains, I hate the default ones for this sort of thing, and it gives paddle, flogger, and cuffs for males or females to use.

All in all a piece that I think will bring round lots of enjoyment.

The best part?  For this weekend only it is discounted to 450L.

Until Monday you can pick it up at this price then it will be adjusted to an extent.

Have fun, come ROMP with me!

Early Access to the Mystic Realms Faire!

Butter Churn WorksetHave you heard about the Mystic Realms Faire that is opening up tomorrow the 10th?  I’ll wager that you don’t look forward to the lag and the issues.  Do you want a sneak peak?  A way in?  Early access?

Well…. don’t tell anyone but…… YOU CAN!

Shh… keep your voice down. *clears her throat* Ok well you don’t have to but it is true.  You can have early access to the Mystic Realms Faire if you are a member of one of the sponsors in world groups and it just so happens that the Roawenwood is a sponsor to the event.

Join my in world group and gain special early access a day before the lag, the crowds and all of the other fun things that go on.  Shop early at great places like The Forge, Pure Poison, Tia, FatePlay, Dysfunctional Designs, Bite & Claw, and many many more.

All day today.  The group is open invite so no weirdness, can even leave after if you really want but you know you don’t want to.  I’m really a great gal and like to do group specials and all.


I do have a few different items opening up at the faire too.

Firstly… my items this go round were from customer feedback and the notion of trying to give ya’ll some useable stuff rather than trying to impress with the next greatest thing.  So there you have it.

Opening it up we have a butter churn.  Exciting huh?  Well I like the idea of them, the churn sitting in the corner of the kitchen reminds me of a warm hearth and home.  Of all the goodness that can be made up with a talented cook or baker.  As a side note, I used to make butter with my grandmother on the porch.  She liked doing it herself sometimes and it was soooo good.

The set comes with scripted and unscripted versions.  Original mesh and weighs in at .5 – 2 prims.  The scripted one is 2 LI, the decorative pieces like the buckets, props and all.  They are less and sometimes when you link them the Qadir Low Table Set MRFprim count goes down which I love about mesh.  I hate that it gets bigger if you resize it bigger of course but we can’t have everything now can we.  The scripted churn has 5 animations in it.  Two for working, churning the butter and pouring cream into the churn…. then a couple lounging lazy type animations.  I know, it’s terrible but you know everyone has to take a break once in awhile right?  Besides it’s hard work.  Tedious to say the least.

You also get a filled bucket, empty bucket, plunger, open churn and regular churn all as decorative elements.  Since it’s copy you can use them wherever you like for whatever you like.  I do like how it turned out really.

The next thing is a table set.  Meant for places that people gather like taverns and long houses or something of that nature.  Low tables, two versions with different kinds of drapes over them.  A long drape and one with two short drapes.  Lets you mix it up a lil bit.  The tables have texture change through a HUD and you can delete the texture change scripts afterwards no problem.  12 different woods to choose from, and 4 different colored drapes.  A real nice way to mix up the look or use them in different places.

Zandra Chainmail Tunic - SilveredAlong with the tables I added a set of cushions.  Both PG and adult versions.  The full version with the adult anims has table top sex, cuddles, kisses, and the whole nine-yards.  Lap serves, drinking, eating.  So obviously the PG version doesn’t have the naughty menus.  I have been considering that more lately, versatility.  Having both versions readily available lets you have more control over your environment.  I like that.  I bet you do too.  Also the base of the cushion has texture change just like the table, 12 different woods.

As a little extra I got to thinking and added some male animations to the second sitter.  Generally I have kept that female, kneels or sits or whatever… but I added some male ones too on the off chance that they might be used.

Thirdly I did up a very simple chainmail tunic for the females.  A belt is included.  Three different colors…. silvered, scarred, and blackened.

I have to get cooking my dinner so I’m going to wrap this up.  *laughs*

Mystic Realms Faire TAXI

Have a good one

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Autumn Skirts

I’m a sucker for a cause most of the time.  If I’m going to be putting effort into an event it makes me feel good to do it with an intent rather than just profit. Long Skirt - Autumn Gold I know that might seem contradictory considering I run a business hoping to make a bit of a profit but I like to help people.

When some people I know decided to do a fair with the ALS as the beneficiary I got in contact with them to see what it was about.  I was told I didn’t have to do anything new for it, the idea came together rather quickly and there was only a little bit of time so not much time to prep but I really don’t like just taking old store inventory for the main thing at any event.  I add on things, like for the Clockwork Spiral I have some product that was already in the store that I put into vendors to donate but the main things were new.  I try to do that when I can.

For the ALS event I decided to put together a set of skirts.  Three of them, autumn hued or themed to celebrate one of my favorite times of the year.  It really is.  I think I was kinda sorta channeling the whole Edgar Allen Poe thing too.  Nevermore and the ravens.  I adore ravens.  Dark things… so why not right?  It wasn’t intentional.Long Skirt - Raven Red  I was messing with making tree branches and leaves fluttering on the golden one…. then I was looking at it in Photoshop thinking…. well that’d be kinda cool in a deep red.  But instead of leaves, skeletal branches and ravens.  Ooohh.

So off I went playing around with that.

So we have three skirts.  Autumn Gold with the leaves and a really interesting texture…. Raven Red, and Raven Black.  I couldn’t not have one that is sort of black.  The skirt comes in 7 sizes, 2 bonus types in there besides the 5 ‘normal’ ones.

100% donation to ALS during the event and only there, then I’ll decide what to do with them.

I think I put them at 150L each.  You know sometimes I can’t even remember and have to look it up. *laughs*

The event runs from Sept. 26th – Oct. 10th

Hope to see you there.



Drunken Fun for 25L Tues

Drunken Beggin Fool Belt PouchWay way back I used to have an accessory that you wore and were able to play out the drunkard. Think I had a couple, a bottle… tankard. That sort of thing, single play animation of sitting on your arse singing like a buffoon while waving your arm/hand back and forth.

A hit in some ways. Now this was probably, uhmmmm….. 5 years ago or something maybe? Might even have been longer for all I know, and yet someone this past week sends me a notecard upset that this very old and very limited use item was missing from their inventory, could I please please help they need it for a role play.

Ok… there’s a flashback, and wow. I never did actually like how they turned out that well so I probably tossed them a very long time ago but it did do one thing… got me to thinking how I could make something like that now, but better.

So! This is what I concocted.

11 animations in the thing, click it to access the menu.  Standing, a drunk stumbling stand along with a couple sitting on your butt singing.  Then on top of it I added some beggar type animations.  I figured they kinda go together right?

Beggars… drunks…. begging so you can get drunker? *snickers* Ah well… but you see my point.  A great new RP accessory that you can use, it gives props.  Bottles, tankard, drinking horn and a goblet so you can mix it up however you like with whatever kinda thing you might be rp’ing.

I have it sized for both male and female avatars within the package but it is modify too so you can adjust it if you like.

It will be 25L TODAY ONLY!!!

Not leavin it at that price but I’m being a real nice sweet kinda creator person in letting you have it for next to nothing.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday.