Come ROMP with me

ROMP.  A brand new event meant to cater to a more elegant brand of kink opened up yesterday.  I was tickled when they approached me to be a part of it.  I simply adore this Grand Bondage Benchsort of thing.  I get to dabble around playing with it when I get the chance but it’s like so many things, events give you a real reason to set aside the time to do it.  There’s that deadline you know… and you want to try to come up with something brilliant.

I wouldn’t mind this sort of thing more often, most of the time I feel like I have to be good in what I choose for events and this type… pft, the best kind of good is seeing how bad you can get.  At least that’s what I think.  So for this particular outing I decided to cater to both MaleDom and FemDom aficionados.  A bondage bench…. I know they’re out there of course but this is a rather fancy one I think with engraved wood, rich cushioning and lots of options.

The set has two versions.  One scripted for RLV, and one that is not…. I know not everyone wants the extra scripting.  RLV capture with various other restrictions are already set for you like blocking IM’s or TP’s, that sort of thing.  Which can all be turned on or off at your discretion, I don’t believe any of them are set by default but you’d have to check… and you can add your own restrictions in the NC.

The cage part underneath has 8 animations set up in it, some are set for male and some for female.  Then up above there are 20 different single bondage animations for both men and women.  Various ways of displaying or locking them down.

For the dominant there is 13 single animations.  Some sitting in different spots so while your pretty victim is in the cage you can recline and torment them in a more mental way perhaps.  There is also a ‘disapproval’ type stand, and a watching stand so you can relax a bit while they’re bound up.

So after all of that we get into the couples sets.

FemDom there is 13 different sets for the lady to torment a boy.  I didn’t find much for bondage type play for a Lady and her girl, if anyone has any leads let me know and I’ll add that sort of thing no problem.  Would love to to be honest.

Cock and ball play, sex, foreplay… the Lady can really have some fun making him squirm. *nods to this*

MaleDom has a few options along with some light flogging.  Three variants in how to bind the girl… knees up, straight legged or legs spread wide over the sides.  Each menu has foreplay, caressing, sex, tit play, facials…… not bad options really.

Nothing too cuddly in this bench so don’t be expecting it.

So!  I think this has got to be a pretty good piece and I’m just all amp’d up offering it to you.  Head to ROMP to get your copy… I’m contemplating matching pieces creating a bit of a line of furniture to round out the stuff.  What do you think?  Good idea?

Have a great week and talk to you soon!

>>>> TAXI TO GO TO ROMP <<<<

Everything 50% Off – July 7th thru the 13th

I’m doing something I have never ever done before.

My ENTIRE store…. everything…. All of it…. is 50% off for 1 week.

>> Taxi:  The main store in world only. <<

I’m not quite sure what has possessed me at this point to do something so utterly drastic but you can take advantage of a great sale.  Maybe it’s because Sear turned 8 at the end of June and I’m beginning to go senile.

I’ve put on sales before.

50% off different locations.  Or 50% off items that were meant for retirement saving out the ones that were going to remain in stock.  Or different lines like chores.

But not this time.

I’m going to let you have your crack at whatever your heart desires for 1 week.

Some things are going to be retired at the end of it.  Old things, or just things that I don’t think are worth keeping around.

So… there you have it.  Pay the vendor and you will be refunded 50% of the purchase price immediately.

From July 7th thru the 13th on the Five Blades and Zhu sims.

Hope you have a great week.

50 Midsummer Sale

Is there a Dr. in the house?

The We luv RP event kicked off yesterday, a day later than usual to account for the holiday in the US which is decent of em don’t you think?

This month my offering is a rugged sorta physicians outpost or lil shanty thing.  I’ve had Rugged Physician Outpost Setphysicians items for years…. this one is of course all in mesh, and looks pretty good.  More rugged looking with eye popping colors there’s three main pieces.  The full set includes the shanty and accessories, a low desk, and a cot.

You can also purchase the desk and cot separately without the rest of the lil pieces.  We have candles, rug, basket, jugs and rolled up towels/bandages for accessories in the full set.  The desk does include one of the candles.  It just seemed to suit it.

In the desk you will find 8 embedded animations for male and female avatars.  Writing, reading and sitting.  The book has medical illustrations in it, and there’s parchment laid out on the desk with a furry lil pillow to rest yourself on.

The cot has more options.  The drape beneath the pillow has 5 different shades to choose from so you don’t have to keep it green if you don’t want to.  There’s 14 single animations from a belly ache, to eating, sleeping, sneezing, tossing and turning plus some other stuff thrown in so you can emote or rp out different scenarios.  For both male and females.

The cot also has some couples sets.  5 of them.  Two massages, one for the men and one for the ladies.  A first aid set where you can mend or check out the patients arm and then a spooning cuddly thing.  Eh, you never know right?

You can now get the ENTIRE set at a 40% discount at the We <3 RP event through this month.  If you want just the cot, you can.  If you want just the desk… go for it.  Or get the entire set at a very big discount.

Have a good one and take care!!


Vikings & Marauders at The Fantasy Collective

Not great things alone must one give to another,Storheim Table Set
praise oft is earned for nought;
with half a loaf and a tilted bowl
I have found me many a friend.

- The Havamal

The Fantasy Collective has opened up for another round and the theme seems to strike a cord.  Vikings, marauders… that sort of thing.  I decided to go with some furniture.  I wanted to have something that was full of life, and all.  I had a bit of fun with it.  The table is inspired by the Viking long house tables.  Places to sit, drink some ale, have a good meal and company.  I suppose it works in with the Goreans of the North as well, Torvaldsland, or a tavern.

The table itself is engraved within the wood on the supports and legs…. the benches have engraving along the support.  Darker wood, I favor darker woods of course… that much can be seen for the most part with a lot of my work.

The set also includes the furred drapes that go over the benches.  These are copiable and not linked to it so you can technically place these wherever though the animations included are for tables in general.

Each drape has 27 different options for furs or leather.  Some are subtle differences… just shading, some darker… some lighter but overall you can have a lot of different looks for it.  There is an access menu so you can set who can change it…. everyone, owner or group.  AvSitter is the system used to manage the poses, no flippin poseballs!  I’m really working to get away from using them at all.  Most of my items don’t and I’m fairly happy without them.  I think most people are for that matter.

There are different menus based on where you sit.  Sitter 1 gets a menu with male sits, female sits and then the different couples menus.  Three of them.  Couples with kisses, cuddles and all that sort of stuff, a 6 part lap serve set and then a 9 part cuddle, foreplay, sexual type set.  It has a lot of options for just sitting, laughing and living.  The second sitter gets a female sits menu, though they don’t sit at the table.  They’re off to the side on the floor, a few sits and some kneels etc.  Like I said they don’t sit ‘at’ the table though once in the couples menus they do and can.

The entire set includes copy/modify/no transfer permissions… straw to throw around the floor, benches, table, and the drapes.  One with animations the other without but all with the texture change.

I really do like how it turned out.  Simple but ornate at the same time.

On display at the event and at the landing of the main store.

Available now ONLY at The Fantasy Collective event.

 Take a Taxi


Genre – Arabia

This months round of Genre has kicked off.  Awesomeness for 100L or less from some damn fined creators.  The theme for the month was Arabia.

Kaamil Furniture SetI created a couple things really.  I do love the look and feel of this particular sort of thing though lately I have been trying to refocus a bit and do some furniture.  I really do like making up the props to create a scene.  This time I was REALLY nice and put out some extra fine offerings at a very inexpensive price.

A set of lanterns with different colored glass… and a full furniture set including rug, two different chairs, and a table.

The chairs come in left and right because they can be skewed to sit next to each other in different angles.

All mesh and the chairs along with the lanterns are materials enabled giving them some extra pop if you have all that turned on.

The Kaamil furniture set… each chair has embedded animations, TONS in there.  14 for females, 12 for males and 1 unisex one to start you off when you sit.  Yanno so no one looks funny before picking a sit they like.Bahir Decorative Lanterns Set

Each chair has texture change letting you choose from 8 different colors.  Brown, blue, black, purple, grey, green and a rust type color.  Fairly awesome really.  The whole set along with the table and rug is only 100L through the event.

The lanterns have a soft glow on click and these are only 50L through the event.  Three different ones in the pack.  Great deal if you like them.

Along with all that I did do a free gift.  Only at the event, a vase.  To go with the entire set.  See I set you up fairly well.

Hope you all like and thanks so much for checking in!


TAXI to Genre Arabia