A Clockwork Spiral

A Clockwork Spiral… all things steampunk to benefit the National Kidney Foundation opened up tonight.Emmaline Rigged Mesh Outfit  I have been enjoying working within different genres and themes for ages of course however I do have a soft spot for steampunk, Victorian, and darker things in general.  The event runs through and into October 1st so there’s a wee bit of time to be able to explore, shop or enjoy yourself.  Everything in my booth there is at a 50% donation to the National Kidney Foundation.  There’s a few things in there, some stuff I’ve had like the top hat with the gears and things… but I also have a new outfit and boots to offer up.

The Emmaline outfit is so very ladylike.  With a high necked ruffled blouse, long sleeves running downwards with layers of ruffles.  An under-bust corset tightens it up across the waist.  It’s such an awesome look.  I love it.  The skirt and top are separates so you can wear them with other things if you want or together.

Rich textures compliment and the top has four different color options for the blouse.  Blue, green, brown, and black.  Use the HUD to choose your color and it is scripted so you can delete the scripts within the top so you’re not adding to any kind of lag.  Just make sure you make a copy first…. have a scripted back up in your inventory.  Brand new and available at the event.

Majesty Boots in BrownThe other new one is the boots like I mentioned.

These are fairly awesome I think.  Unrigged mesh, I’ve been getting some great feedback actually from both men and women who have chosen to wear them.  Since they were unrigged some adventurous types have tried all sorts of looks for it.  I’ve been really impressed actually loving it whenever I find them.

They are entitled… “Majesty” and they certainly live up to their name in my opinion.  Gorgeous look and rich in two variations.  Brown and a version in Black.  They are a favorite of mine already.

A Clockwork spiral runs as I said through October 1st and has an impressive line up of merchants to try to get you to spend your lindens.

Majesty Boots in Black

Taxi to the Event

To Market to Market to buy a…..

Festival Market StallsThis months We Luv RP event kicked off and my offering for the month is a market set.  Two stalls one with and one without a shelf, little table to be used in the set too…. and then a couple little market stands in a second set.

They are original mesh in the sense I made them all by myself and really won’t be found elsewhere though they are a pretty standard looking medieval or festival stall.  They have their own textures, baked right in so shadowed a bit.  I like how they turned out.

The stalls have a really good selection of fabrics to choose from through a HUD.  Great news too you can delete the scripts out of the stalls once you’ve made them all pretty like.

Choose from either a festive striped fabric in various colors or a few shades of leather to keep it rustic.

See options for all!  Awesome.Mini Market Stand

This month as a new release they are being offered at the We <3 RP event at a 40% discount!



Teachers Pet

I haven’t done a round for CoLab in AGES.  Time just slips by so quickly and my ability to find time to create has become less than it used to.  This round was Teachers Pet.  The colors were right up my alley and the theme well I tossed around some ideas but then it hit me.  With a lil sparkle to my eye and a bit of laughter I made up a small little something.

Dunce Cap & Stool Set - Full VersionYepp…. of course I didn’t do anything that you’d probably expect necessarily, but then again knowing me.  Maybe it is.

For this round of CoLab and at a bargain price of ONLY 60L you can get a special version of my very first……. Dunce Cap & Stool Set.

Yepp…. you can use this in your RP or for fun.  A small stool to set in the corner or wherever with a dunce cap along its side.  When you sit the cap disappears, you can get one from the menu to wear and there are 5 embedded animations in the stool so that EVERYONE can pout or have their fun.  Male & female!

The CoLab version is no modify, and has just the one stool.

The FULL version is modify/copy/no transfer and has 2 versions in the box.

A normal version, and then an RLV version.  The RLV version has various restrictions preset like no tp’ing, and of course you can capture your prey with it locking them down for a set period of time.  It’s also set up so people who are not sitting on it can control the sit menu switching the animation to one they want.

This version is 295L, full price but if you want the added functionality I don’t think it’s too bad of a bargain.  It’s what it would be normally but you can still pick up the 60L special version that has everything except the RLV options.

So I hope you’re having a great weekend so far, and have LOTS coming up in the next few weeks.

Twisted Hunt among them.

Take care and talk soon.

New docks for your waterfront

Roughed Up Docks Build SetThis past week the Fantasy Collective opened up.  The theme, swamps… bayou… Voodoo… that sort of thing.  I had so many ideas for this thing, so many things I’d love love to do but I settled on something a little more practical than a few of my ideas.

Docks.  Done in mesh by little old me… different pieces to build what you like with them and a bit on the rougher side.  I tend to lean that way even when I don’t intend to.  The posts have ropes on the top, bark mainly for the texturing and the docks themselves are beat up a wee bit.

They create a bit of atmosphere I would think… I like to do that.  Maybe that’s one reason why I like roughing up things.  Adding depth.

The set is modify/copy…. make them as long or as small as you like.  Just want part then just use part.

Weighing in with the land impact ranging from .5 to 3 per piece it isn’t too awful bad.  They also are either mossy, or not.  So you can choose a different look.

Available at the moment ONLY at the Fantasy Collective event, you can technically take a gander at them at the store.  I have them in the new arrivals section with a land mark to the event.

Happy days!! Have fun!



It’s coming….

TH14F Time Warp